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The files contained on this website are the most accurate and complete copies of A Course in Miracles historical scribal versions available to the public anywhere as far as we know.


If you know of any source for copies which are in any way better, more complete or more accurate please let me know!  If you discover any errors we’ve missed, please let me know.



These are substantially cross-referenced and accompanied by Concordances. While many other websites claim to offer “ACIM” or even “Free ACIM” we have found with all we’ve checked that ALL ON-LINE editions are grossly inaccurate copies without any usable referencing or more that rudimentary search capabilities.


Because Course students need accurate, accessible, searchable, cross-referenced copies, this website is here.


Love offerings from many people keep this work going and make this website possible. 

If you feel this work is of value and wish to see it continue and expand, please consider donating generously.

This project to date has been entirely supported by volunteer contributions of labour and funds.  While we do sell books, to date far more has been spent making that possible than has been earned from book sales.  Far from being a “profitable business,” so far it has been a major financial burden.



Origins and provenance:


The volume files for the Foundation for Inner Peace Abridgement were supplied by Ryan Rothgeb in 2003.  All I did was format them and hotlink chapter and section headings.


The HLC text file originated with Endeavor in 1999.  That file was proofread to correct copying mistakes and where apparently inadvertent copying mistakes from the earlier Urtext were found, those were corrected.  Any changes from the actual HLC manuscript are underlined and/or footnoted.


The Urtext Manuscripts began with the anonymously published “Illuminati Edition” which appeared in 2000.  Years of proofreading that document against the manuscripts removed some four thousand deviations.  Ambiguities, anomalies and probable errors in the manuscripts themselves are footnoted.  This is the same text as in the printed book for sale here: http://www.miraclesinactionpress.com


The Psychotherapy, Song of Prayer and Gifts of God files here were all transcribed from the Urtext manuscripts myself.


The Shorthand Notes derive from a transcript produced by myself between 2007 and 2009.  This is a “first draft” which has not been fully proofed.


Facsimile (image file) copies of all the manuscripts in PDF format are available from the Primary Source Menu.




Navigation, Basic Commands


Click on any entry in the Table of Contents sidebar to scroll instantly to that point in the file.

Return To Menu radio button returns you to the menu from which you can select any volume of any version which is available.

SEARCH for words or any character string by pressing CTRL+F and then typing the characters you wish to search for.

FOOTNOTES, when clicked, allow you to read the footnote.  Click on the footnote again to return to that point in the text.

GOTO any Reference: After typing CTRL+F you can of course enter any reference code such as “T-2.VIII.5” in the FIP Text which will take you to chapter 2, section 8, paragraph 5 or “T 2 H 5” to take you to the same paragraph in the HLC or Urtext.




Sending links to others


You can send a link to any point in the file which is listed in the Table of Contents in the left hand sidebar.  Right click any link and then select “Copy Link Location.”  The result, if you paste it, looks something like this:





The first part is simply the URL for the HTML file, the last part starting with “Toc” indicates the point in the file to which the pointer points.


When clicked it will open the file without the top and side navigation frames and a moment later it will scroll to the point indicated by the Table of Contents link.


Go ahead and try the link above, it will open the Workbook to the section “What is the Last Judgment.  It can take a few seconds to load, depending on the speed of your network link but once loaded, you can “search” the entire volume, or save the entire volume as an html file on your own disk.  Ok, with Internet Explorer it can take over a minute to load.  With Firefox it takes a few seconds to load.