Pines in Homewood Park

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(These photos have nothing in particular to do with ACIM and presented only for fun)






Summer in Ontario is short but spectacular.


Left: Pines in Homewood Park


Packing for a camping trip

Packing for a camping trip (above)                       .                                     

Checking out the new tent in the back yard (below)                       .

Tent in back yard


Below: Guelph Lake Dam

(This Dam is just 6 km upstream from the pictures of the river shown below)



Spring has come to Guelph!

Having cast off its blanket of snow,

my garden is awakening




for those who are not familiar with Guelph … a picture postcard …



below is my neighbourhood in February



And now for the same view in April


If you walk down Arthur St. in April, which is just to the East of the River (right of the photo) you can see such things as this:




In loving memory of my mother

Doris Lorraine Thompson

December 15, 1921 – December 29, 2009




The Joy of Winter

Doris Lorraine Thompson, 1960, Ancaster Ontario


I believe it was in December of 2004, as Mum was struggling over her Christmas card list, that I suggested this magnificent painting of hers from 1960 would make a great Christmas card.  And so I printed out, I forget how many dozens of copies and she wrote that description of the painting which was printed on the back of each copy.



My “Mum” was an ever cheerful soul, a gifted painter and photographer, who rarely met anyone she did not seek to call “friend.”

Photographed here in February of ’04, returning from a shopping trip to the home we shared for some years, you can see in her face that joy that was rarely absent, and the love she so generously bestowed upon all in the twinkle of delight in her sky-blue eyes.

2004 was the last “good year,” when her advancing Alzheimer’s hadn’t yet left her completely frightened and confused.


In her last months in Ancaster in the autumn of 2005, a kitten named Gus came to live with us.  As you can see, her penchant for “making friends” was not limited to humans!  But just don’t try telling Gus he’s not human!




On the back deck Mum kept a bird feeder for the humming birds that loved to pass by, delighting her and attracting a good deal of intense curiosity from Gus!  I spent many hours tending that feeder but never managed to be quick enough to photograph the birds which loved it so much, birds which I am rather sure loved her as much as she loved them.








 No, I didn’t shoot this picture of Mum.  She did it herself, with the self-timer on her new 35 mm. camera.  It was July 1955, on summer vacation in northern Ontario. 


She also took a shot of me that day … I notice I’ve changed a bit …




Another of Mum’s oil paintings.  This one was painted in 1964, I think, and I don’t know what her title for it was.  Probably “Hall’s Lake” where for many years we rented a cottage each summer.  But this painting was made before those many glorious, happy relaxed summers on that magnificent northern lake.  This one is obviously autumn, I think the autumn of 1964, Thanksgiving in fact, when we went there for one glorious, sunny long weekend.

I wish to thank all those who have expressed their condolences.  I know, of course, that she is in a better place.  She doesn’t need your prayers. I do. For it is my eyes which are filled with tears as I struggle to construct this page. I’m rather sure hers are twinkling with joy.

With Alzheimer’s there are “two goodbyes” … the first when she can longer recognize you … or anything at all … and the second when she leaves this world physically.

I had thought I had done my grieving in the “first goodbye” some years ago and was surprised when I was surprised by the not surprising news of her passing.  Rather clearly I had not.

Mourned and missed by the many who called her “Mum” and “Auntie” and “Grandma” she has left us all a legacy of great price, that irrepressible smile, those laughing twinkling sky blue eyes, and the memory of the love of God she radiated into every life she touched, whether that was man or woman, cat or dog, bird or plant.  She was truly one who could and did “see the face of Christ in every living thing” and let you know it!

You can see it in her art.  You can see it in her smile.  You can see it in her bird feeder.  You can see it in her cat.

God Bless You Mother!


A few other photos made by Mum.  These are all from old 35 mm Kodachrome slides.  As these pictures from 1955 to 1957 show, that venerable old colour film which is sadly no longer available had a remarkable capacity to stay colour-fast over a very long period of time, a capacity not shared by many more recent colour imaging technologies.


On the left is Mum’s mother, Loretta “Pet” Miller and my Dad,

Lloyd George Thompson, in Gatineau, in summer 1956 I believe.

Dad again, and me and my sister Joan on the right,

and this would be early 1957 I think, shovelling

the driveway of our house in Ottawa.

Roughly the same time and place as the previous picture,

this one shows Dad and Mum, Joan and I, probably on a

Sunday morning, judging by the attire, on the way to Woodroffe

United Church.  I don’t know who took this but it may have been

a “self-timer” photo. 

Judging by my size this would be 1955.  In the

background (right) you can see a bit of the East Block

of the Parliament Buildings and on the left, the

corner of the Centre Block..