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If this is your first time, PLEASE read this before you click!!!


This Concordance has been optimized for Mozilla Firefox, which, at the time of development, had by far the best built-in search function, which is central to the functioning of the Concordances.

Day by day new browsers and new features in old browsers emerge and so results with any browser cannot be guaranteed and it is possible that some new ones are as good as Firefox when searching.


Firefox is free, second only to IE in popularity, and is highly recommended and widely recognized as the best.


To download Firefox in any of 70 languages:


Note:  adding Firefox to your computer will not compromise any other browser you may be running, you can have numerous browsers on a single computer.



WARNING: SKYPE or other telephone number

Browser Helper Objects or Browser Add-ons can cause the concordance software to freeze. 


This will not harm your computer or your data, but it’s incredibly annoying.


To avoid this problem, disable or turn off any “Add-ons” to your browser which search web pages for phone numbers.


When you are finished with the Concordance you can turn these back “on” if you wish.


In Firefox: click on Tools -> Add-ons and disable Skype or any other add-on which searches for phone numbers.


In Internet Explorer: click on  Tools -> Manage Ad-ons and then disable Skype or any other add-on that searches for phone numbers in web pages.


In Safari: as with most things Macintosh, it’s not so simple.  In the top right corner of the Safari screen is a little icon of a gear wheel with a tiny inverted pyramid beside it.  Click on that inverted pyramid.  Then click on “Safari Extensions Gallery.”  That’s where you can turn off (disable) any Add-ons which might look for phone numbers in web pages.


The “disable” command is a toggle.  If you wish to re-enable those Add-ons when you are finished with the Concordance, just repeat the above procedures but click on “enable” instead of “disable.”


The reason these add-ons cause trouble is that some Concordance pages have thousands of paragraphs with paragraph references such as “T 15 C 5” which some of these add-ons, looking for phone numbers, attempt to interpret AS phone numbers.  When there are thousands, it can take that add-on up to half an hour on a slow computer to figure out that they aren’t phone numbers.  During that time the computer can “freeze.”