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Video Tutorials


The video tutorial section is currently “under construction” and is likely to change from day to day. As tutorials are created, they will be presented here.


When many tutorials load, you will have a Control Bar across the top of the video viewer window as pictured here:



  1     2    3    4       5                                                                                                                                                          6          7     8    9            10

From left to right the icons represent:

1)       Go to START

2)       Play/Pause toggle (shown here as it is while playing)

3)       Go back one frame

4)       Go forward one frame

5)       Progress Bar

6)       Current time/Total length

7)       Full Screen On/Off toggle

8)       Volume control

9)       Hide (control bar disappears from sight when you move the mouse pointer away from it)

10)   ABOUT … Software Publisher’s Identification


To START any tutorial (if it doesn’t start by itself) click on the “play” button on the top left of the screen which shows up when you click on any tutorial.

To STOP any tutorial or to return to this menu click on your browser’s “BACK” button, usually in the top left corner of your screen.

To RETURN to the menu that brought you here, just click on that same “BACK” button.

If you are using a 14:9 aspect ratio (squashed screen) monitor you will likely need to press the “Full Screen” toggle on the video viewer.


Overview of the Website I              Primary Source Library

Overview of the Website II            Secondary Source Library

Overview of the Website III           Using the Concordances to search for a word, a word pair, or a phrase

- Dealing with the Firefox resizing bug

- Introduction to the Concordance Screen  

- simple searches (Basic Concordance Use)

- Checking against the Manuscript

Overview of the Website IV           Shorthand Notes in high resolution

Overview of the Website V            Audio material

Overview of the Website VI           Bibles and Bible Concordances

Overview of the Website VII          Copies for On-line reading

- Using Acrobat Reader so “search” pdf files            



Using Acrobat Reader for simple string searches


- Acrobat Reader’s “search” function for text strings


Finding and comparing the manuscript page in facsimile copies