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The ACIM Pre-Canonical material appears only in the Shorthand Notes.  It consists of 24 handwritten Notes pages which immediately precede the start of Chapter 1 of the Text.  The first page of the Text is dated October 21, 1965.  The first page of that notebook, and this “pre-canonical” material, is 24 pages earlier, and is dated October 19, 1965.  We have transcribed this material into a searchable E-text.  In these pages we find Schucman writing a dream diary but also having conversations with “The Voice” which indicate that before the Text began, she and “The Voice” were already discussing some of the key concepts in A Course in Miracles and Schucman appears conversant with some of these concepts already.  Her later assertions that she was an “atheist” at the outset of the scribing are thoroughly refuted in these pages. We see instead a deeply prayerful personality.


There is no indication that there ever was any other “version” of these pages prepared.



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