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Urtext Volume I: Text

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Miracles

T 1 A. Introduction

T 1 B. Principles of Miracles

The Relationship of Miracles and Revelation.

T 1 C. Distortions of Miracle Impulses

Chapter 2 – The Illusion of Separation

T 2 A. Introduction 

T 2 B. The Re-interpretation of Defenses

T 2 C. Healing as Release from Fear

T 2 D. Fear as Lack of Love

T 2 E. The Correction for Lack of Love

T 2 F. The Meaning of the Last Judgment

Chapter 3 – Retraining the Mind

T 3 A. Introduction

T 3 B. Special Principles for Miracle Workers

T 3 C. Atonement without Sacrifice

T 3 D. Miracles as Accurate Perception

T 3 E. Perception versus Knowledge

T 3 F. Conflict and the Ego

T 3 G. The Loss of Certainty

T 3 H. Judgment and the Authority Problem..

T 3 I. Creating versus the Self-Image

Chapter 4 – The Root of All Evil

T 4 A. Introduction

T 4 B. Right Teaching and Right Learning

T 4 C. The Ego and False Autonomy

T 4 D. Love without Conflict

T 4 E. The Escape from Fear

T 4 F. The Ego-Body Illusion

T 4 G. The Constant State

T 4 H. Creation and Communication

T 4 I. True Rehabilitation

Chapter 5 – Healing and Wholeness

T 5 A. Introduction

T 5 B. Healing as Joining

T 5 C. The Mind of the Atonement

T 5 D. The Voice for God

T 5 E. The Guide to Salvation

T 5 F. Therapy and Teaching

T 5 G. The Two Decisions

T 5 H. Time and Eternity

T 5 I. The Eternal Fixation

Chapter 6 – Attack and Fear

T 6 A. Introduction

T 6 B. The Message of the Crucifixion

T 6 C. The Uses of Projection

T 6 D. The Relinquishment of Attack

T 6 E. The Only Answer

T 6 F. “To Have, Give All to All”

T 6 G. “To Have Peace, Teach Peace to Learn It”

T 6 H. “Be Vigilant Only for God and His Kingdom”

Chapter 7 – The Consistency of the Kingdom

T 7 A. Introduction

T 7 B. Bargaining versus Healing

T 7 C. The Laws of Mind

T 7 D. The Unified Curriculum

T 7 E. The Recognition of Truth

T 7 F. Healing and the Changelessness of Mind

T 7 G. From Vigilance to Peace

T 7 H. The Total Commitment

T 7 I. The Defense of Conflict

T 7 J. The Extension of the Kingdom

T 7 K. The Confusion of Strength and Weakness

T 7 L. The State of Grace

Chapter 8 – The Journey Back

T 8 A. Introduction

T 8 B. The Direction of the Curriculum

T 8 C. The Rationale for Choice

T 8 D. The Holy Encounter

T 8 E. The Light of the World

T 8 F. The Power of Joint Decision

T 8 G. Communication and the Ego-Body Equation

T 8 H. The Body as Means or End

T 8 I. Healing as Corrected Perception

T 8 J. The Acceptance of Reality

T 8 K. The Answer to Prayer

Chapter 9 – The Correction of Error

T 9 A. Introduction

T 9 B. Sanity and Perception

T 9 C. Atonement as a Lesson in Sharing

T 9 D. The Unhealed Healer

T 9 E. The Awareness of the Holy Spirit

T 9 F. Salvation and God’s Will

T 9 G. Grandeur versus Grandiosity

T 9 H. The Inclusiveness of Creation

T 9 I. The Decision to Forget

T 9 J. Magic versus Miracles

T 9 K. The Denial of God

Chapter 10 – God and the Ego

T 10 A. Introduction

T 10 B. Projection versus Extension

T 10 C. The Willingness for Healing

T 10 D. From Darkness to Light

T 10 E. The Inheritance of God’s Son

T 10 F. The “Dynamics” of the Ego

T 10 G. Experience and Perception

T 10 H. The Problem and the Answer

Chapter 11 – God’s Plan for Salvation

T 11 A. Introduction

T 11 B. The Judgment of the Holy Spirit

T 11 C. The Mechanism of Miracles

T 11 D. The Investment in Reality

T 11 E. Seeking and Finding

T 11 F. The Sane Curriculum

T 11 G. The Vision of Christ

T 11 H. The Guide for Miracles

T 11 I. Reality and Redemption

T 11 J. Guiltlessness and Invulnerability

Chapter 12 – The Problem of Guilt

T 12 A. Introduction

T 12 B. Crucifixion by Guilt

T 12 C. The Fear of Redemption

T 12 D. Healing and Time

T 12 E. The Two Emotions

T 12 F. Finding the Present

T 12 G. Attainment of the Real World

Chapter 13 – From Perception to Knowledge

T 13 A. Introduction

T 13 B. The Role of Healing

T 13 C. The Shadow of Guilt

T 13 D. Release and Restoration

T 13 E. The Guarantee of Heaven

T 13 F. The Testimony of Miracles

T 13 G. The Happy Learner

T 13 H. The Decision for Guiltlessness

T 13 I. The Way of Salvation

Chapter 14 – Bringing Illusions To Truth

T 14 A. Introduction

T 14 B. Guilt and Guiltlessness

T 14 C. Out of the Darkness

T 14 D. Perception without Deceit

T 14 E. The Recognition of Holiness

T 14 F. The Shift to Miracles

T 14 G. The Test of Truth

Chapter 15 – The Purpose of Time

T 15 A. Introduction

T 15 B. The Uses of Time

T 15 C. Time and Eternity

T 15 D. Littleness versus Magnitude

T 15 E. Practicing the Holy Instant

T 15 F. The Holy Instant and Special Relationships

T 15 G. The Holy Instant and the Laws of God

T 15 H. The Holy Instant and Communication

T 15 I. The Holy Instant and Real Relationships

T 15 J. The Time of Christ

T 15 K. The End of Sacrifice

Chapter 16 – The Forgiveness of Illusions

T 16 A. Introduction

T 16 B. True Empathy

T 16 C. The Magnitude of Holiness

T 16 D. The Reward of Teaching

T 16 E. Illusion and Reality of Love

T 16 F. Specialness and Guilt

T 16 G. The Bridge to the Real World

T 16 H. The End of Illusions

Chapter 17 – Forgiveness and Healing

T 17 A. Introduction

T 17 B. Fantasy and Distorted Perception

T 17 C. The Forgiven World

T 17 D. Shadows of the Past

T 17 E. Perception and the Two Worlds

T 17 F. The Healed Relationship

T 17 G. Practical Forgiveness

T 17 H. The Need for Faith

T 17 I. The Conditions of Forgiveness

Chapter 18 – The Dream and the Reality

T 18 A. Introduction

T 18 B. Substitution as a Defense

T 18 C. The Basis of the Dream

T 18 D. Light in the Dream

T 18 E. The Little Willingness

T 18 F. The Happy Dream

T 18 G. Dreams and the Body

T 18 H. “I Need Do Nothing”

T 18 I. The Purpose of the Body

T 18 J. The Delusional Thought System

T 18 K. The Passing of the Dream

Chapter 19 – Beyond the Body

T 19 A. Introduction

T 19 B. Healing and the Mind

T 19 C. Sin versus Error

T 19 D. The Unreality of Sin

T 19 E. Obstacles to Peace –I. The Desire to Get Rid of It

T 19 F. The Attraction of Guilt

T 19 G. Obstacles to Peace – II. The Belief the Body is Valuable for What it Offers 

T 19 H. Pleasure and Pain 

T 19 I. Obstacles to Peace - III. The Attraction of Death 

T 19 J. The Incorruptible Body 

T 19 K. Obstacles to Peace - IV. The Fear of God 

T 19 L. The Lifting of the Veil 

Chapter 20 – The Promise of the Resurrection

T 20 A. Introduction 

T 20 B. Holy Week 

T 20 C. Thorns and Lilies 

T 20 D. Sin as an Adjustment 

T 20 E. Entering the Ark 

T 20 F. Heralds of Eternity 

T 20 G. The Temple of the Holy Spirit 

T 20 H. The Consistency of Means and End 

T 20 I. The Vision of Sinlessness 

Chapter 21 – The Inner Picture

T 21 A. Introduction 

T 21 B. The Imagined World 

T 21 C. The Responsibility for Sight 

T 21 D. Faith, Belief and Vision 

T 21 E. The Fear to Look Within

T 21 F. Reason and Perception

T 21 G. Reason and Correction

T 21 H. Perception and Wishes

T 21 I. The Inner Shift

Chapter 22 – Salvation and the Holy Relationship

T 22 A. Introduction

T 22 B. The Message of the Holy Relationship

T 22 C. Your Brother’s Sinlessness

T 22 D. Reason and the Holy Relationship

T 22 E. The Branching of the Road

T 22 F. Weakness and Defensiveness

T 22 G. Freedom and the Holy Spirit

Chapter 23 – The War Against Yourself

T 23 A. Introduction

T 23 B. The Irreconcilable Beliefs

T 23 C. The Laws of Chaos

T 23 D. Salvation Without Compromise

T 23 E. The Fear of Life

Chapter 24 – Specialness and Separation

T 24 A. Introduction

T 24 B. Specialness as a Substitute for Love

T 24 C. The Treachery of Specialness

T 24 D. The Forgiveness of Specialness

T 24 E. Specialness and Salvation

T 24 F. The Resolution of the Dream

T 24 G. Salvation from Fear

T 24 H. The Meeting-Place

Chapter 25 – The Remedy

T 25 A. Introduction

T 25 B. The Appointed Task

T 25 C. The Savior from the Dark

T 25 D. The Fundamental Law of Perception

T 25 E. The Joining of Minds

T 25 F. The State of Sinlessness

T 25 G. The Special Function

T 25 H. Commuting the Sentence

T 25 I. The Principle of Salvation

T 25 J. The Justice of Heaven

Chapter 26 – The Transition

T 26 A. Introduction

T 26 B. The “Sacrifice” of Oneness

T 26 C. The Forms of Error

T 26 D. The Borderland

T 26 E. Where Sin Has Left

T 26 F. The Little Hindrance

T 26 G. The Appointed Friend

T 26 H. Review of Principles

T 26 I. The Immediacy of Salvation

T 26 J. For They Have Come

T 26 K. The Remaining Task

Chapter 27 – The Body and the Dream

T 27 A. Introduction

T 27 B. The Picture of the Crucifixion

T 27 C. The Fear of Healing

T 27 D. The Symbol of the Impossible

T 27 E. The Quiet Answer

T 27 F. The Healing Example

T 27 G. The Purpose of Pain

T 27 H. The Illusion of Suffering

T 27 I. The “Hero” of the Dream

Chapter 28 – The Undoing of Fear

T 28 A. Introduction

T 28 B. The Present Memory

T 28 C. Reversing Effect and Cause

T 28 D. The Agreement to Join

T 28 E. The Greater Joining

T 28 F. The Alternate to Dreams of Fear

T 28 G. The Secret Vows

T 28 H. The Beautiful Relationship

Chapter 29 – The Awakening

T 29 A. Introduction

T 29 B. The Closing of the Gap

T 29 C. The Coming of the Guest

T 29 D. God’s Witnesses

T 29 E. Dream Roles

T 29 F. The Changeless Dwelling-Place

T 29 G. Forgiveness and Peace

T 29 H. The Lingering Illusion

T 29 I. Christ and Anti-Christ

T 29 J. The Forgiving Dream

Chapter 30 – The New Beginning

T 30 A. Introduction

T 30 B. Rules for Decision

T 30 C. Freedom of Will

T 30 D. Beyond All Idols

T 30 E. The Truth Behind Illusions

T 30 F. The Only Purpose

T 30 G. The Justification for Forgiveness

T 30 H. The New Interpretation

T 30 I. Changeless Reality

Chapter 31 – The Simplicity of Salvation

T 31 A. Introduction

T 31 B. The Illusion of an Enemy

T 31 C. The Self-Accused

T 31 D. The Real Alternative

T 31 E. Self-Concept versus Self

T 31 F. Recognizing the Spirit

T 31 G. The Savior’s Vision

T 31 H Choose Once Again