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Seven Volume Urtext Concordance (abridged)


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Firefox Browser is recommended for the Concordances due to its greater speed and superb internal search capability but A) other browsers will work (slower and with some limitations) and B) Firefox has a bug (in version 3.6.13) which can cause trouble if you’re not aware of the fixes.  This page explains the fixes.



In short the remedy is quite simple:


Browser add-ons which search web pages may make the Concordance sluggish.  Disable such add-ons  when using the Concordances to speed things up.  If the browser “seizes up” in Firefox after trying to resize the width of the window, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE.  This will “unseize” Firefox in both Windows XP and Windows 7.


See below for a more thorough explanation.


If you experience difficulty making the Concordances work click below:


Concordance Tutorials



With ANY Browser, under certain circumstances the Concordance can be sluggish and even cause your computer to freeze.  To avoid this:


1)   Do not attempt to resize the width of a browser window if using Firefox.  If you forget to avoid it, hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE.


2)   Click “Tools -> Add-ons” and “disable” Skype extension (or any other browser add-on that searches every web page) if it is present.  Specific controls for disabling and enabling add-ons vary with different browsers.


1) Firefox window resizing bug


Usually we want the browser window to be as large as possible when using a Concordance, so it will usually be loaded full screen and left that way.  In that case there is no problem.  If you do try to resize the width (only in Firefox, Internet Explorer does not have this problem) the computer can become totally unresponsive for a very long time.  This does not damage the computer or your data but it is very annoying if you don’t know how to get out of it.


If this happens you can clear it by pressing CTRL+ALT+Delete which loads the Windows Task Manager (in XP directly, in Windows 7 first you get a menu from which you select Task Manager).


That’s it, load the task manager and then minimize it or close it and the “freeze” is released.  But the “resize” will not have succeeded.  If you need to resize the Concordance window, first exit the Concordance then resize the window, then launch the Concordance again.


1) Skype Add-on sluggishness


Launching any of the Concordances in your Browser loads some huge files.  On newer and faster computers the Concordances are very quick and responsive even with such add-ons, but on slower computers the Concordances can load rather slowly, especially when using the them over the Internet rather than from CD or hard disk.


If you experience the Concordance as sluggish, look for and disable any Browser Helper Objects or Add-Ons.  This applies to all browsers using any add-ons to search web pages rather than simply load and display them.


The “Skype extension” in Firefox (and other browsers) scans web pages for recognizable phone numbers and enables you to call those on Skype with a single click.  BUT it significantly slows down the display of large web pages.


On an extremely fast Intel i7 computer, the Urtext Concordance loads from hard disk in 7 seconds with the Skype add-on disabled.  When the add-on is enabled, it takes 15 seconds to load.  While 15 seconds is not perhaps too bad, on slower computers, the loading will take longer and the doubling of loading time may be more of a nuisance.


Any other Add-On or Browser Helper Object which searches web pages as they load MAY introduce the same kind of problem.


Browsers generally have very simple controls to switch such add-ons off and on since they can cause difficulty with certain webpages.



This Concordance has been optimized for Mozilla Firefox, which, at the time of development, had by far the best built-in search function, which is central to the functioning of the Concordances.

Day by day new browsers and new features in old browsers emerge and so results with any browser cannot be guaranteed and it is possible that some new ones are as good as Firefox when searching.


Firefox is free, second only to IE in popularity, and is highly recommended and widely recognized as the best.


To download Firefox in any of 70 languages:


Note:  adding Firefox to your computer will not compromise any other browser you may be running, you can have numerous browsers on a single computer.