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The ACIM Gifts of God volume was the seventh of the seven canonical volumes to be scribed. For this volume we have manuscript facsimiles for only one version, the Urtext. The Foundation for Inner Peace has published this volume along with a collection of Helen Schucman’s own poetry in a book called, “Gifts of God.  There is of course some difference of opinion as to what should be regarded “canonical” but this remarkable little volume bears the hallmarks of Jesus’ authorship and is a most fitting conclusion to the Course.  In the final segment, the “Voice” shifts from that of Jesus to that of the Father Himself. This does not in any way resemble Schucman’s own writings. Due to the fact that it is widely regarded as “scribed” and canonical, we have included it.  Should you disagree, feel free to ignore this gem!



         Facsimile                                                    E-Text

  1) Shorthand Notes                                1) Shorthand Notes

  2) Thetford Transcript                           2) Thetford Transcript

  3) Urtext                                                    3) Urtext

  4) FIP                                                          4) FIP



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