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0. Preface                     0. Preface


1. Text                        1. Text

2. Workbook                    2. Workbook

3. Manual for Teachers         3. Manual for Teachers

4. Use of Terms                4. Use of Terms

5. Psychotherapy               5. Psychotherapy

6. Song of Prayer              6. Song of Prayer

7. Gifts of God                7. Gifts of God


8. Special Messages            8. Special Messages

9. Pre-Canonical               9. Pre-Canonical

10. Miscellaneous              10. Miscellaneous


The present collection of Helen Schucman’s original Shorthand Notes is presented in 11 volumes, some of which exist in multiple later, edited versions. Seven of them are widely considered authentic dictation from the “Voice” and four of those include other writings by Schucman, some of which include “dictated” segments.  Volumes 2 through 4 are included here in three versions, Notes, Urtext, and FIP. We do not have the Thetford Transcript for this material. Volume 1, the Text exists in a fourth version, the Hugh Lynn Cayce Version, or HLC. The Urtext and the HLC manuscripts also have searchable “e-texts” in addition to the unsearchable facsimile (photocopy) images of the original manuscripts while FIP is available only in E-text. Except for FIP we have cross-referenced all versions to a standard 3-tier Chapter/Section/Paragraph system based on the HLC and Urtext to facilitate quick lookup of references in the unsearchable scanned image files for the Notes, Urtext and HLC manuscripts.  Each version is broken down into discreet files, one for each of the native volumes.  Although an “e-text” of the Notes has been created, I have been unable to secure a copy so, I very much regret to say, cannot include it here, except for the very rough transcript of the Pre-ACIM Notes (V. 9).  Except for perhaps 100 pages or so, however, the Urtext material is a largely accurate transcript of the Notes.  Those few pages for which we have no transcript at all will be, I am sure, available rather soon.  As you will notice, tools such as this are enormously helpful in identifying the untranscribed material and proofing the remainder.


ACIM began with Helen Schucman’s original Shorthand Notes which were transcribed by William Thetford.  The material was edited into the Urtext and then the Hugh Lynn Cayce version (HLC) and then the 1975 FIP Abridgement, for a total of five major versions we know of. Schucman’s Scribing has been organized into 11 segments or volumes here.  Not all of those volumes exist or are available in all versions.  In the HLC for instance, we only have the Text volume, and of the Thetford Transcript we’re not 100% sure we have any, though we think the Song of Prayer and Psychotherapy manuscripts may well be Thetford’s original transcript rather than a later copy.  For that reason they are included in both Urtext and Transcript sections.  In many cases we have both facsimile copies of the original manuscripts (scanned photocopies) and machine readable, searchable e-texts, though we do not have e-texts for every manuscript as of yet.  In the case of the HLC we have a multiple of rather different e-texts which are available.


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