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                              Original handwritten Dictation            Original typed Transcript                First Editing/Abridgement             Second Editing/Abridgement            Third Editing/Abridgement           Mass Printing


                           Shorthand Notes            Thetford Transcript                      Urtext                                   HLC                                Criswell                   FIP 2nd Ed.


                       1a) facsimile   1b) e-text     2a) facsimile  2b) e-text        3a) facsimile   3b) e-text     4a) facsimile   4b) e-text      5a) facsimile  5b) e-text        6b) e-text




0) Preface        Pr      *PR         *PR        *PR          *PR        Preface                                                  Preface

1) Text           Text     Text       *Text      *Text        Text       Text         Text     MPF E-Text     Text      Text      Text

2) Workbook       WB      *WB         *WB        *WB          WB         WB                                   WB        WB        WB

3) Manual         Man     *Man        *Man       *Man         Man        Man                                  Man       Man       Manual

4) Use of Terms   Use      Use        *Use       *Use         Use        Use                   Replica                            Terms

5) Psychotherapy  Psy     *Psy       **Psy      **Psy         Psy        Psy                   HLC/FIP Comparison                 Psy

6) Song of Prayer Song     Song      **Song     **Song        Song       Song                  CIMS(1) JCIM                       Song

7) Gifts of God   Gifts   *Gifts      *Gifts     *Gifts       Gifts      Gifts                 Original Edition”

8) Special Msgs   SM       SM          SM        *SM          SM         SM                    HLC Editions Compared

                  Special Messages in Primary Sequence                                         JCIM editing changes

9) pre-ACIM Notes Pre-     Pre-Canonical                                                      “Original Edition” editing changes

10 Misc (Primary v3) Non-Canonical miscellaneous NOTES Primary Vol. 3 of 22                    “Corrected HLC” editing changes

* indicates material currently unavailable.  It may be non-existent, or it may exist and is being kept secret.

** indicates material whose version identity is in doubt ... we don’t know if it is the original Thetford Transcript or a later retyping.

The present collection of Helen Schucman’s original Shorthand Notes is presented in 11 volumes. Seven of those are widely considered authentic dictation from the “Voice” and four of those include other writings by Helen Schucman, some of which include “dictated” segments.  Volumes 2 through 4 exist in three versions, Notes, Urtext, and FIP. Volume 1, the Text exists in a fourth version, the Hugh Lynn Cayce Version, or HLC. The Urtext and the HLC manuscripts, and portions of the Notes also are presented here with searchable “E-texts” in addition to the unsearchable facsimile images of the original manuscripts while FIP is available only in E-text. We have cross-referenced all versions to a standard 3-tier Chapter/Section/Paragraph system based on the HLC and Urtext to facilitate quick lookup of references in the unsearchable scanned image files for the Notes, Urtext and HLC manuscripts.  Each version is broken down into discreet files, one for each of the native volumes.  The Shorthand Notes searchable e-text for the handwritten manuscript has not yet been completed.  The Text, Use of Terms, Song of Prayer and Special Messages (volumes 1,4,6 and 8) are all that is currently available in transcribed, searchable e-text form.


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