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    Criswell manuscript                                                                                                                             

Criswell Manuscript facsimiles           Searchable E-text copies


0. Preface                     0. Preface

1. Text                        1. Text

2. Workbook                    2. Workbook

3. Manual for Teachers         3. Manual for Teachers

4. Use of Terms                4. Use of Terms

5. Psychotherapy               5. Psychotherapy

6. Song of Prayer              6. Song of Prayer

7. Gifts of God                7. Gifts of God


8. Special Messages            8. Special Messages

9. Pre-Canonical               9. Pre-Canonical

10. Miscellaneous              10. Miscellaneous


   FIP 2nd Edition e-text

The Criswell Edition was produced in the summer of 1975.  Sometimes called the “Xerox Edition,” it consisted of photo-reduced photocopies of the original 8.5 x 11 typescript pages.  This edition was the basis for the FIP First Edition which came out in June of 1976.  There are a few differences, mostly quite minor.  For instance chapter one is called “Introduction” and chapter two is called chapter 1, and so on.  Fortunately that was corrected when FIP went to press, later to return in the FIP reference system where sometimes section one of a chapter is called “Section In.” instead of “Section I.” 


It is included here mostly as an historical curiosity since I am unaware of any significant content difference from the later FIP material.  Because of its similarity to the later FIP material, producing an e-text would be very easy but I’m not aware of anyone really interested.