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   Thetford Transcript manuscript                                                                                                   

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0. Preface                     0. Preface

1. Text                        1. Text

2. Workbook                    2. Workbook

3. Use of Terms                3. Use of Terms

4. Manual for Teachers         4. Manual for Teachers

5. Psychotherapy               5. Psychotherapy             

6. Song of Prayer              6. Song of Prayer

7. Gifts of God                7. Gifts of God


8. Special Messages            8. Special Messages

9. Pre-Canonical               9. Pre-Canonical

10. Miscellaneous              10. Miscellaneous


   Thetford Transcript e-text

Bill Thetford is on tape describing how he typed up Helen Schucman’s Notes as she read them to him, and then read back what he’d typed to ensure accuracy. Later Wapnick and FIP were to report that this original Thetford Transcript was the “urtext.”  Well, an urtext is not necessarily an original transcript. The word usually refers to a document pieced together from available primary sources where there are more than one, and the Urtext to a Course in miracles really is an Urtext, in that sense, not an original transcript, at least for the Text volume.  For more information on manuscript identification and authentication, see the Urtext article from the Documentation Menu.


Only the Song of Prayer and Psychotherapy volumes of the so-called “urtext” material show any evidence of possibly being the original Thetford Transcript.  Otherwise, I have no access to any of the original transcript, I don’t know anyone who does, and I am not even sure it still exists. 


Due to the uncertainty regarding the two volumes which I suspect might be the original transcript, they are included both in this section and in the Urtext section.