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Most of the ACIM Special Messages collection is not widely regarded as canonical, although some portions do appear to be “scribed.”  Some was written during the scribing and some was written some years later. A few pages which are included in some collections also appear in the Urtext and HLC and appear to have been mislabeled “Special Messages.”  Rather than being personal messages for Schucman and Thetford, those pages appear to be later corrections or expansions of the Text “dictated without notes” and this is how the Scribes dealt with those pages.  We include them here and also, as they did, in the Text volume.  I say “appear” here to indicate a lack of conclusive evidence and certainty.



         Facsimile                                                    E-Text

  1) Shorthand Notes                                1) Shorthand Notes

  2) Thetford Transcript                           2) Thetford Transcript

  3) Urtext                                                    3) Urtext



In many ways this material is problematic.  We have some Notes and some Urtext material but  no overlap  Dating is not always certain, but we have attempted to organize it chronologically.  While the legibility is often problematic in the Notes material, we have produced tentative transcriptions of most of it.  Unlike the other material, the Notes images and the transcripts are presented on the same page, side by side.  The Urtext collection actually includes some handwritten pages and the total collection includes both handwritten and typed material.  We cannot, then, organize this in quite the same way the other material is organized.  Many of these files combine facsimiles and E-texts, handwritten and typed material.  Rather clearly, there is much work remaining to be done on this material.  As far as we are aware it is all here and all except one almost totally illegible page, it has all been transcribed.

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